Fixed Fee Divorces

Overview of our Fixed Price Divorce

We offer a fixed fee to represent clients in divorce proceedings where both parties cooperate.

If you are the Petitioner (the person applying for a divorce) the cost will be £980.00.

This is made up of:

Our Costs
VAT (20%)
Court Fees
Total Cost

If you are the Respondent (the person who receives the divorce papers) then the cost will be £450.00.

This is made up of:

Our Costs
VAT (20%)
Total Cost

What is included?
• Advising you regarding all relevant documentation.
• Preparing the required documentation.
• Corresponding with the Court.
• Corresponding with the other Party or their Solicitor.

What is not included?
• Defended proceedings.
• Where the other Party cannot be found or located.
• Where either Party is a non-resident of the UK.
• Advice and assistance regarding disputes relating to children, domestic violence or of a financial nature.
• Attending Court.
• Amending the papers after they have been issued at the Court.
• Representing you in disputes about costs or enforcing costs orders.
• Naming a third party in the divorce proceedings.
• Making a cross-application for divorce.
• If you are a Respondent, making the application for Decree Absolute.

There may be some additional costs that you will have to pay in certain circumstances. These may include:
• If you do not have a certified copy of your marriage certificate and a duplicate needs to be obtained.
• If the other Party does not return the Acknowledgement of Service of the Divorce Petition it will be necessary to either instruct a bailiff to personally serve them with the documents or apply to the Court for an order that the divorce papers are deemed to have been served.
• If the government increases the Court fees payable or the rate of VAT which we are required to charge on our services

If you require additional advice or assistance in relation to any of the matters set out above which are not included in the Fixed Price service we will provide you with an estimate of the costs of providing these additional services so that you are aware of how much these will be.

If you would like more information about the services we offer please contact us.

Did you know..?

The current Inheritance Tax Threshold is £325,000