14.10.2013 - Help to Buy - a welcome 'helping hand'?

The Government's recently announced Help to Buy scheme has stimulated great interest from potential house buyers in England and Wales. For many, the scheme's implementation could not come soon enough. Finally, it seems a helping hand has reached out to first time buyers to assist them in securing a first home.

For a prolonged period, trying to step on to the property ladder has not been easy, especially for first time buyers. With rising house prices and 20% deposits having become the 'norm', the Help to Buy scheme looks to be good news for those who have been struggling to establish themselves. The scheme allows buyers to purchase with deposits equivalent to 5% of the value of a property worth up to 600,000, thanks to guarantees provided by the Government. This is excellent news for first time buyers and others but, of course, concerns remain and an element of caution is wise.

The traditional saying of 'Buyer Beware' may well be apt, but the outstanding property team at GoodyBurrett are always on hand to assuage the doubts of new buyers, and of course to help purchase those first dream homes. Whether you are buying or selling, with our excellent reputation and service it is reassuring to know that the GoodyBurrett team are here to help.

Did you know..?

The current Inheritance Tax Threshold is £325,000