27.04.2016 - Judging it Right

Judges were visiting the UK to gain insight into the local legal system following Serbia’s application to join the EU and occurred at a very interesting time as Britain is embroiled in the EU in-out debate. The visit was designed to familiarise the judges with how civic society is organised and works, with an emphasis on the rule of law, in other member States of the Union.  


The trip to Colchester was to provide the visiting Judges with an overview of the role of Local Government in planning, regulating and providing services to our local community, together with a visit to our offices to discuss how people access the law. Finally, the judges were taken to the Colchester Magistrates Court and County Court to see how justice is applied by the judiciary here in the UK. There was also a session on Alternative Dispute Resolution with a group of mediators as the visitors had expressed interest in understanding how this process works in the UK.  


Bryan Johnston, Managing Partner of GoodyBurrett said, “We are delighted to have hosted the delegation and really enjoyed discussing the law and our countries different approaches. It was refreshing to hear so many positive things about our legal system and the benefits perceived by those seeking to join the EU in developing their judiciary system.”




Serbia was identified as a potential candidate for European Union membership in 2003 and in March 2012 Serbia was granted EU candidate status. Part of the accession process is adopting EU law to bring the Country in line with the rest of the Union.




Ms Milica Zlatkovic, Judge, Basic Court Nis said “Serbia is now in the very urgent procedure of the accession process to the European Union. This year we have the opening of twenty third chapter which is about Judiciary and Judges will be the leaders of judiciary changes. This is why the British Council and British Embassy invited the Judges for the first time to visit and enhance their education. It is very importance for us to see a good model, which your system is, and to try and take knowledge and apply this for the future of our country.”




The delegation is visiting the UK for 6 weeks and the programme has included visits to the High Court, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Legal Ombudsman, Ministry of Justice, the Law Commission and the Justice Council to name a few stops on the whirlwind tour.




Speaking of the visit Ms Zlatkovic continued “The visit has been very useful, we hope we can apply some of what we have learnt in our system. The UK has very regulated justice and access to justice. The British system is to analyse; and you have bodies such as the Civil Justice Council who are very practical, modernising laws and improving efficiency, and we hope to establish similar bodies in Serbia.”




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The current Inheritance Tax Threshold is £325,000